Saturday, September 10, 2011

STRANGE RULES!!!! (v.3003)

Two new Cassettes available from Strange Rules now... these go super fast, so go order them now.

First up is a tape from Royal Tropical Institute.

debut of european lo-fi industrial. ambient noise, pulsing electronics, rhythm + other foreign sounds seep through the cavern wall. trance induction.


19 copies.

Order Here

Next up is a reissue of Sexless Merit from Cremation Lily, this time as a single cassette instead of the 3xCS goodness in the prior "pressing". These went in less than 6 hours last time it seemed, so if you want this tape... ORDER IMMEDIATELY. Personally, this is great noise that I cannot recommend enough.

raw electronics, industrial noise, claustrophobic voice, decaying analog rhythm. lo-fi solace. single cassette version of previously sold out 3xcs.


19 copies.

Order here

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