Tuesday, July 12, 2011


... has two more releases up for order now... and I mean now as they are ridiculously limited and will go fast.

First up is the new release from Cremation Lily, Sexless Merit. Limited to just 10 copies with even fewer remaining at this point.

6 sides of raw electronic, industrial noise, strangled voice, decaying analog rhythm. for the way resting. sometimes it is our ally, sometimes it is not. packaged in large vinyl case with insert.

Seriously, Cremation Lily is becoming essential listening at this point... no lie.

Order here

Up next is the Terminal cassette tape from Vase.

trace elements of punk, noise, grind + black metal. lo-fi, bleak, ugly blasts of lamentable youth.

Limited to just 14 copies and also even fewer left at that.

Order here

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