Monday, July 18, 2011

REMNANTS SUSPENSION on Tycho Magnetic Anomalies

This is the second release from the tape label, Tycho Magnetic Anomalies. The Brooklyn drone outfit, REMNANTS drops their fourth tape on this new label with a slightly new noise methodology while still fitting nicely into the previous body of work that it has produced already. Highly recommended.

Order here by itself or here for the package deal with the label's previous cassette tape from Gholas

C-28 Limited to 100 Hand Numbered Copies

SUSPENSION from REMNANTS is an amazing set of atmospheres that ratchet the tension and despair all while remaining completely hypnotic and spellbinding. REMNANTS has gone above and beyond delivering an impressive droning tour de force.

Four new tracks from this Brooklyn resident grafted onto a C-28 Cassette Tape.

Pre-Orders start immediately, here. Non-US Residents please contact the label directly prior to ordering for an accurate shipping cost.

Check out the Tape below

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