Monday, July 11, 2011

Imminent Frequencies...

...has two new tapes available as of today.

...two new Imminent jammers to ease you through the summer months

First up is one by Slag Heap. Slag Heap is the main project of Chicago/ Madison local Connor Camburn. To date Camburn has put out a handful of tapes out on Chicago's Field Studies as well as his own label Hushing. Camburn forgoes the murky synth drones of his previous releases to present two sides of minimal synth pulsations.

Next we have Columbus Ohio's almighty Envenomist. One of several projects headed by David Reed (Luasa Raelon, Brittle Foundries), Envenomist has released many releases over the last few years on labels around the world. This new tape finds Reed delving into dark and sinister Lovecraftian paths of the unknown. Once this one sucks you in, it may never let you out...


IF12 – Slag Heap “Mar”
c-30 Edition of 50

Minimal pulsating synthesizer music by Chicago native Connor Camburn. The repetitive tonal progressions heard here slowly evolve creating mathematical vortexes of the mind.
These simple rhythmic patterns are strangely reminiscent of the early electronic work of Alvin Lucier and David Tudor while forging new ground.

Each copy comes with a handmade art book by Connor Camburn.


IF13 – Envenomist “Visions”
c-30 Edition of 100

Haunting analog electronics from Ohio’s David Reed. The last several years have seen Reed (Luasa Raelon) create some of the darkest and most sinister synth work out there.
Ominous synthscapes give way to s low burning electronic swells. Horrific and hallucinatory.You went in thinking it was just a nightmare, but now there’s no way out.


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