Friday, July 22, 2011

New Locrian 7"...

 available for pre-order now. Get it here

This and the soundbites from the label Flingco Sound

Locrian took up the challenge of releasing their first 7 inch single on FSS, recording at Minbal in Chicago and mixing with Jeremy Lemos in April 2011. They hammer the sing-song of Popol Vuh's Der Ist Der Weg into a blackened alloy of their own invention on the A-side. On the flip, trebly blurs open Frozen in Ash, which then feints at expansive melody amidst screams, keyboard squalls and bludgeoning drums.

Available as a 7 inch single in a limited edition of 500, in letter-pressed sleeves by Dexterity Press and as a digital single.

These recordings were mastered and the single was cut to lacquer by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.

Track Listing
A) Dort Ist Der Weg
B) Frozen In Ash

Locrian's take on Popol Vuh's classic Dort Ist Der Weg is an outstanding testament to a band possessed. Instead of producing some rehashed, dormant clone copy of this almost inimitable track,
Locrian serve up a ritually hypnotic and powerful piece of music that will floor you... Locrian will never belong. Their refusal to stagnate and regurgitate frail musical formula allows the band to constantly reinvent and re-envisage their art.
Lurker's Path July 20, 2011

To me, this is Locrian at their finest. They've taken a song that would not seem to lend itself to interpretation by a by a drone/noise/metal band
and turned it into something ritualistic, fierce, vivid and distinctly their own. Quite stunning.
Hammer Smashed Sound July 19, 2011

Locrian keep outdoing themselves.
Anti-Gravity Bunny

Locrian does not limited their sonic palette to fit into any particular genre or specific sound, and the result is that this music often penetrates much deeper...
Musical Warfare

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