Monday, April 23, 2012

Medicine Reissues!

Medicine was arguably the quintessential shoegaze band from the United States who seemed to only be around a few short years while releasing some truly awesome music. Forgetting the reunion album (with a new singer) Medicine released three albums and a fairly ridiculous amount of EPs and singles.

Well Captured Tracks has re-issued the first two albums in a sweet looking package (more on that later).

Medicine a crucial addition to Captured Tracks' ever-expanding Shoegaze Archives. The ... albums ... have been remastered along with previously unreleased tracks. You can hear new life breathe from this sexy and lush body of work.

Most people might recognize them from this appearance in The Crow movie

Shot Forth Self Living has all sorts of goodies added to the original version of this excellent album. It has been reissued as a 2xLP and also as a 2xCD.

Here is the tracklisting

// Shot Forth Self Living Expanded 2XLP* and CD1

One More
A Short Happy Life
Sweet Explosion
Queen of Tension
Miss Drugstore
Christmas Song
*World Hello
*Time Baby 2
*Onion Flower
*The Powder
*Lime Sicks

//Shot Forth Self Living Companion (CD2)

Queen of Tension(demo)
Aruca (demo)
To Your Friends
Miss Drugstore (demo)
All Undone
One More (demo)
Love You Anywhere
Time Baby 1
Impacted Bantam
Defective (alternate mix)
One More (radio & vox overdub)
Sweet Explosion (alternate mix)
Icehouse Blues
A Short Happy Life (alternate take)
One More (live)
Aruca (live)
Christmas Song (live)

Order here

Same with The Buried Life... Medicine packs this sucker full of goodies.

// The Buried Life 2XLP* and CD1

The Pink
She Knows Everything
Something Goes Wrong
Never Click
Fried Awake
Beneath The Sands
I Hear
Live It Down
The Earth is Soft and White
*Time Baby VDP
*Live It Down (fast version)
*'Til I Die
*Never Click (single version)

//The Buried Life Companion (CD2)

Something Goes Wrong(demo)
Wendy Told Me
Never Click(demo)
A Farther Down(demo)
Tape Skronk
She Knows Everything(demo)
Figures As Much
The Pink(Sessions)
Whle(basic track)
Beneath The Sands(Session)
Walnut 2
Live It Down(basic track)
Lime Sicks(live)

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These also come in a handy and rather amazing looking box set which also includes another LP (The Sounds Of Medicine) and a cassette tape of live material... unfortunately this box set is mostly sold out (you might find it left over in stores from Record Store Day or on ebay or discogs at some point.

Here is the tracklisting of the exclusive material in the box set to drool over though:

// Sounds Of Medicine LP
Here is a new version, expanded with 2 extra tracks not on the original EP, bringing it up to LP length.

Time Baby 3
Little Miss Drugstore
She Knows Everything (Billy Corgan remix)
Little Slut
One More Night
I Hear (live)
Lime 6 (live)

// Always Starting To Stop Cassette
Live C-90 Cassette* Always Starting To Stop was recorded 1992-1994 in Los Angeles, Raleigh NC, Newcastle U.K., Chicago and Birmingham, Alabama.

Something Goes Wrong
Onion Flower
Time Baby 2
She Knows Everything
Live It Down
One More
Miss Drugstore
Never Click
Queen Of Tension
Sweet Explosion
Lime 6
Christmas Song

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