Saturday, April 7, 2012

Check Out This Huge Tape Package

This tape package is super impressive, and yes, it has been talked about quite a bit; but I waited until after announcing the first tape from FERMENTÆ (Kevin Gan Yuen of Sutekh Hexen and others) before hitting on this set.

Here is the 6 tapes included:

Fermentæ (Kevin Yuen of Sutekh Hexen) - Allusions CS
Terence Hannum (of Locrian) - Crown of Immortality CS
Demian Johnston (of Great Falls) - Untitled CS
Cetacea (Bryan Bray of Gates) - Glyphs CS
Reuben Sawyer (of Rainbath Visual) - Untitled CS
Njiqahdda - To Escape the Tide CS

This is an impressive list and all the tapes are limited to just 50 copies and there are not many left. There might be a few of them available individually, but who knows.

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