Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kwaidan's First Release

Here is a new tape from Accidental Guest Recordings from a group called Kwaidan which rumor has it is made up of members of Locrian, Catherine, and Zelienople

There's something unsettling about this live recording from Chicago trio Kwaidan, that few bands can put to tape. This recording pushes and pulls the listener, builds up tension and breaks it over and over again. The backbone of this work is not consistency of sound, rather, it is the attack of cymbals and drums that explode to the forefront, only to disappear, bringing to mind the beauty that would take place if Loren Connors played in Taj Mahal Travellers. While it's easy for a work like this to leave too much aural space to the listener, Kwaidan breathtakingly uses each second of these 36 minutes to fill every possible gap without overcrowding any sound. Some toil for years to create a work as consistent as this recording, but Kwaidan does it effortlessly. That in itself makes this cassette uncanny, ethereal, and a true experimental rarity.

RIYL: Taj Mahal Travellers, Loren Connors, Celer, Svarte Greiner, Elegi

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