Monday, March 26, 2012

Year Of No Light and Thisquietarmy...

...collaborate together on this split that is recently available. Year Of No Light had been slowly moving toward and instrumental freak out, culminating in their last album Ausserwelt; and now the troupe is joining creative forces with the virtually ambient act, Thisquietarmy.

This record pushes the idea of sharing a record to the extreme. Both sides start with a new song from each band, long songs (approx 12 min) which let both bands enough time to developp their own ambience full of intensity and melodic loops. These new songs are followed by collaboratives drones which prove that these two bands were made to work together and share a record. The atmosphere is dark but always full of melodies and progressions.

Three color variations of this LP: white, transparent clear (?) and black. No pressing numbers, but pre-order here

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