Friday, February 3, 2012

Swans- The Seer

With the 2xCD We Rose From Our Beds With The Sun In Our Head already sold out (in around 24 hours no less), Michael Gira and Swans should be getting to the release of the next studio effort from Swans, The Seer, which they did give more information on the upcoming release itself.

The Seer, by the way, is set to be a triple vinyl/2XCD/Digital release. The special 2XCD edition that will be available exclusively through Young God Records and live shows will also include a live Swans DVD.

I Love You! - Thanks!

Michael Gira / Swans / YGR

 Personally, I cannot wait to hear the studio versions of the new songs that they have been using to crush audiences with over the last year or so.


  1. I was lucky enough to get a copy before it sold out. Where did they say that YGR will release a vinyl edition of The Seer? That's pretty awesome news.

    1. Gira sent out a newsletter to the Young God mailing list that spoke of the 3xLP version of the Seer. I know that in interviews he said it should have been a 6xLP set... so I am holding my breath for another Swans record later in the year.