Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Celer LP!

Evaporate And Wonder is a new LP from Celer, which has been dominating my listening habits over the last two days. Listen below.

Available now through the estimable Experimeda.

12inch vinyl LP limited to 300 copies. Includes an immediate download in choice of highest quality mp3, flac, or apple lossless formats. Also available as a digital download only here.

Since 2005, Celer, the duo of the late Danielle Marie Baquet and William Thomas Long, have released a wealth of ambient material and established themselves as one of the preeminent and best loved outfits in the genre. For the uninitiated, Celer's aesthetic is glacial, beautiful and devotional. It is utterly devoid of hard edges and culled from a wealth of exotic and traditional instrumentation. The pair's inimitable sound is the result of careful attention to processing and a keen, quasi-cinematic ear for arrangement and juxtaposition. The source material for the recordings on Evaporate and Wonder was limited to improvised synthesizers and field recordings, but the end results are predictably grand and mysterious, suitable indeed for the promises of the album's title. Comprised of two sidelong pieces, this record is a perfect entry point into the pair's wonderful oeuvre or, if you're like me, a more than welcome audio pictogram that lets us as listeners continue the journey. 

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