Monday, February 27, 2012

It Is Time To Hear From STRANGE RULES!

Yes folks, it is that time again... STRANGE RULES returns with two new cassette tapes to dominate our tape decks.

The first is the Cremation Lily / Natural Assembly split cassette tape.

Here is their take:

vacant life, nothing personable, nothing indulgent. a dull red light between the cracks of aridity gives away the existence of the other side. dark melodic industrial from natural assembly + synth-drowned industrial

Limited to just 50 copies. Go get it from STRANGE RULES

...or forever whine about how you missed out... because it probably will not last more than a day.

The second tape comes from Venus Receiver and is called Madame Violet Continuing Mission. Limited to 29 copies, this tape will also probably disappear in a day or two.

absolutely damaged noise assault. full analog, no gratification

Get this one here 

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