Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two More Tapes from Worthless

Worthless Recordings keeps up their steady pace of eclectic noise with two more releases.

The first is a split between the increasingly prolific Marax and Coma Centauri. Titled Coerced To Pull The Trigger, this C-60 is limited to just 50 copies.

Here at least is a bit of Marax to sample:

The second tape is The Earth Dies Screaming from the Serbian act, Raven.

Beautifully executed industrial ambient noise from Serbia. Raven supports anarchism, animal liberation, antifascism, vegetarianism/veganism, DIY ethics & culture, environmentalism, pacifism & antiauthoritarianism.

Vivisection is scientific fraud.

Tape is also limited to 50

To order both and hear pieces of both tapes, head here.

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