Monday, December 19, 2011

STRANGE RULES!!!! (v.4004)

Two new tapes from Strange Rules that will kick off your new year. First up is the second tape from Royal Tropical Institute. If you missed out on the first tape from this mysterious project, don't on this one because Ornament was an under the radar awesome surprise... Big hopes for this tape as well...

archival club industrial. a dreary look at european minimalism. contains additional source material from cremation lily

Royal Tropical Institute- Relics CS Rule-10 Limited to just 35 copies. Get it here

The second tape is a new project for Strange Rules. Curative Measures is described as:
first assault of crude power electronics + death industrial unit. zero rights, zero tolerance.
In either case, this will not last. Curative Measures - An Unconventional Method Of Circumcision CS Rule-9 Limited to 30 copies Get it here

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