Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New From Land Of Decay: Cedars Of Lebanon

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Cedars of Lebanon "At The Grasp of Death We May Sing" by Landofdecay

We’ve been fans of Cedars of Lebanon for years, but unfortunately this project has been obscured by the popularity of the project leader’s other musical projects (Minsk, and U.S. Christmas). The group’s “Archive” 2xCDr was released by the artist in limited quantities a few years ago and never received its fair share or praise or distribution. The material on “Archive II” is even stronger and more haunting than the artist’s initial release. “Archive II” is the first Land of Decay release that was recorded exclusively in the drainage tunnels and abandoned missile silos around Peoria, IL.

Cedars of Lebanon
Title: Archive II
Format: Cassette
Catalog Number: LOD 018
Edition Size: 125 Copies
Members: A Couri, Jamie Drier, Mikey Ricketts
Track Titles:
Side A
1) Lament (4:35)
2) Place Me Underneath My Mother’s Breast Underneath the Cedar Tree (8:25)
3) I Was There At The Moment of the Beginning (9:31)
4) Nerves (14:22)
Side B
1) At The Grasp Of Death We May Sing (7:37)
2) Opium Tone 2 (24:25)

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