Monday, April 4, 2011

Record Store Day Highlight III : Discordance Axis

I remember ordering this CD way back when from Lumberjack Online because it was coming out on Hydra Head (and I was a Hydra Head fiend back then). At the time the only Grind Record that I really liked was Napalm Death's Scum (and the Assuck catalog if you count them as Grind).

I was shocked by how non-Grind this artwork and layout was (it was the first CD that I had ever seen in a DVD case). Upon popping this in and hearing it for the first time, Discordance Axis immediately became an obsession of mine (as can happen when bands blow me away like this). Quite Simply, The Inalienable Dreamless is one of if not the best Grind records of all time. Put simply, this is a brutish conflagration of sound that will crush your ear drums.

Now that it is finally coming out on vinyl, I am beyond excited. Thanks Hydra Head. Look for it on Record Store Day.

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