Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cave In's White Silence Pre-Order

...Is live now.

Order here. At the time of writing this, there were four colors (White, Cool Grey, Clear Gold, and Black).

Here is a song off the album.

CAVE IN - Sing My Loves by H.H.R.

White Silence has an energy and a balance that feels like the work of seasoned vets, consummate professionals that have, with great heart, focus and authenticity, honed their songwriting ability in ways we feel fortunate to have witnessed first hand. If you followed the member's individual trajectories after Cave In's un- declared 2005 hiatus, you'd have been witness to a spectrum of songwriting capabilites. Brodsky's singer-songwriter eccentricies,Zozobra's 2-piece metallic power, Cloud's rock energy, and Doomrider's thunderous roll; all tastes of the potential a re-unified Cave In might present. 2009's Planets of Old was a four song return to form, a small taste of what Cave In were capable of producing with so much experience under their individual and collective belts.

White Silence brings a focused sense of dynamic and a variety that owes everything to the band's collective ability to do it all. The album's driving intro and delicate conclusion bookend a collection of tracks that have continued to fill and thrill Hydra Headquarters day after day for the last few months.

Track Listing:
White Silence (2:47)
Serpents (2:53)
Sing My Love (8:18)
Vicious Circles (3:20)
Centered (3:01)
Summit Fever (4:04)
Heartbreaks, Earthquakes (3:13)
Iron Decibels (4:33)
Reanimation (3:41)

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