Friday, October 22, 2010

Music Ruins Lives

Music Ruins Lives is kicking off their label with a batch of excellent releases.

First off, they released Have A Nice Life's Voids compilation (demos and unreleased songs) on cassette in a limited edition run of 100 copies. They are not quite sold out so keep checking with them for when they put the rest of the copies up for sale here.


The Have A Nice Life cassettes are all sold out; those who snooze, lose.

Their next release is a split CD (again limited to 100) between Planning For Burial (who released the excellent Leaving earlier this year on Enemies List, which you can grab here) and Lonesummer (who hails from Philadelphia), and this CD will go up for Pre-order on Monday here.


  1. thanks for helping spread the word. HANL is definitely sold out now.

  2. I made a note, thanks for the update.