Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Danzig Tomfoolery on Halloween

Leave it to the Onion to put together an interesting write up on the Evil Elvis. Check it out here.

Now, I certainly do not agree with everything that this article states. For one, I would not start with the Misfits Misfits album (I am assuming this album he is talking about is what Misfits fans refer to as Collection I). Go with Walk Among Us first, then Static Age, and then the two Collection albums. For the adventurous people, track down 12 Hits From Hell, an aborted album that was recorded in between The Static Age and Walk Among Us that has some of the band's crispest sounding versions of the songs. Now, there are two straggler songs from the band that I love that are certainly worth tracking down called "Spook City US" (available as a track in the monstrous Coffin shaped Box set) ans "American Nightmare" (also available in the box set but also on Legacy of Brutality, which is another compilation record for the band.

For Samhain, the first album to check out is the first: Initium; "Initium/Samhain" is great as is "All Murder, All Guts, All Fun". This record sounds more like the Misfits than the final Misfits album, Earth AD. November Coming Fire is also a great record (I agree with the Onion author about "To Walk The Night".

Now, I'll be honest. I am not a huge fan of Danzig's post Samhain career, so I won't get into any of that; but there are some decent tunes on the first two Danzig albums like "Am I Demon", "Twist of Cain", "She Rides", "Possession", "Long Way Back From Hell", and "Her Black Wings".

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