Thursday, October 28, 2010

Devils Night Pre-Orders from A389 Records

A389 Records has a ton of new records coming out and the pre-orders go live for this next batch in two days:

This is the US Version of the Integrity / Creepout split 7", which was previously only available from Japan. It will be a lot less money for those of us who waited for it to come out domestically.

This is the Discography LP for Roses Never Fade (a project of members of Integrity and Pale Creation) all collected into an easy to get package. This is a haunting band, and it is awesome to see this coming out finally.

This is the comeback record for Mighty Sphincter.

This is awesome, Seven Sisters Of Sleep rule, check out this video from them to see what I mean.

This little tidbit is the bonus 7" if you purchase all of the above records in one package. Dwid from Integrity singing with Pulling Teeth doing a Mighty Sphincter Cover and Nick from Pale Creation doing the same in front of Mighty Sphincter themselves. Sure to be a neat addition to the collection.

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