Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have A Nice Life - Voids

Voids from Have A Nice Life is coming to cassette... order it here

Originally released digitally in September 2009 as a fan made demos & b-sides compilation.

Voids features the original demo The Power of Ten which contains alternate versions of songs off of their debut release Deathconsciousness as well as What Comes Next Was Worse which contains b-sides and demo versions of songs that will be reworked for future releases.

With Dan and Tim's permission we included the song "I'm Dr. House" that was originally held back from the digital release of Voids because it was meant to be part of the re-issue of DC on Tumult

Black cassettes with silver stamps that will remind you of the original CDR press of Deathconsciousness. Card stock full color inserts.

Strictly limited to 100 copies. Hand Numbered.

Track List:

Part 1: The Power of Ten
1. The Big Gloom
2. Waiting For Black Metal Records to Come in the Mail
3. The Future
4. Earthmover
5. Who Would Leave Their Son Out in the Sun

Part 2: What Came Next Was Worse
1. Human Error
2. Trespassers W
3. Defenestration Song
4. I'm Dr. House*
5. Sisyphus
6. Destinos

* = previously unreleased. exclusive to this release.

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