Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gholas show highlights

OK, so yes this is a little late, but I wanted to mention the show that Gholas played with Battlefields (from the Dakotas area) and Overmars (from France) and Hulk Smash (from Philly area) because of how much fun it was. Battlefields was excellent, playing some of the songs of their latest record from Translation Loss of which the name escapes me. Hulk Smash was entirely entertaining, a two piece assault on the ears.

Gholas played a shorter set, playing one song off our EP, and three songs off of our upcoming full lengths, provided we can record them. Except for some broken string issues, the set was much better than our one the previous night. It felt good to play it.

Overmars was awesome, quite a bit of Neurosis and Swans influence going on with them from the sound and presentation. They had great visuals that somehow came off nicely in the small space that is the Khyber. Definitely the high point of the show was seeing and then talking with them afterward, nice group of people.

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