Monday, August 31, 2009

Doghouse Records?

I remember Doghouse Records; I remember them well as the label released some of my favorite records back in the day: Threadbare's Feeling Older Faster and Midas, Cable's Variable Speed Drive, and the Endpoint albums (If the Spirits Are Willing, Caste, Aftertaste, the Last Record, etc). Hell, Split Lip (Endpoint JR.?) was also on the label. Later the label was responsible for releasing albums from the criminally underrated As Friends Rust; the self titled EP, Won, and an early retrospective An Anthology of Short Fiction And Non-Fiction.

I guess the release of pop garbage like All American Rejects should have clued us all in what the label really was headed for down the road.

Well, the David Moore album is the final nail in the coffin. I know that the label released records in the past with him (see Split Lip and their eventual emo pop garbage evolution into Chamberlain), but that does not mean every record the guy does should be released. His solo album, My Lover, My Stranger is the absolute worst pop tripe. It is so slick sounding and just the type of garbage you would see on VH1.

Well Doghouse, welcome to the land of adult contemporary deserve it.

You should give back all your old albums to their artists because I would be embarrassed to have released anything with you.

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