Tuesday, August 11, 2009


...at least for now, having completed my most recent graduate school course. The way it finished reminded me of two things: one, of the end of my undergraduate studies classes and the rushing around to get the projects finished; and two, that I am not 20, 21, 22 anymore. I was up until 3 AM pacing back and forth while hoping that the other people who were working on the project would get their parts completed. Luckily, they did and with just nine minutes to spare for the project's deadline.

Now, I guess I will see how the stress affects me. Finishing one of these is not unlike coming down off of drugs or running a marathon. Even after you finish, it affects you for days afterward as your body attempts to return to its normal state.

As the class closed, I was listening to (and still am) Jesu's Inifinty, and the song "Deflated"from their upcoming Opiate Sun EP as well as the GREYMACHINE album, and Clint Mansell's soundtrack to the movie, Moon...

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