Friday, June 19, 2009

Fissures Recap

Last night was an interesting excursion as I played another show as Fissures. The night began with me loading equipment and setting up late (something I hate being and was disappointed in being last night); while testing out my set up, some 15 year old in tight grey jeans (actually they were almost white) and fluorescent sneakers told me to chill out on the feedback and berated me haha. The sad thing was, I was just turning on the equipment and making sure the sound was coming out of the speakers at decent levels; so much for the open mindedeness of the new tight jeaned hippies. It threw me a bit but made me laugh at the same time.

The first 2 pieces that I made were very tentative, and I am not a hundred percent sure just why that was; but these pieces never developed to my satisfaction ( I think my self consciousness over the volume was one reason for the tentativeness) and were extremely mellow and meandering. When I began the third piece of the night, something clicked and the third piece, while being a bit rough around the edges, turned out much more satisfactorily. The fourth piece also came out rather well for my taste too. A short break followed.

There was no strange banter, but people seemed more interested or at least there were more people witnessing the event than the first performance. It was earlier in the day that I decided to eschew any and all acoustic performance in order to focus on the ambient pieces more, and a short discussion around that as well as some of the awful music I was being subjected to when I was not playing haha.

The fifth and final piece of the night was a huge success and one that I received several bits of positive feedback from those that were listening. Somehow, the different layers all seemed to gel just the right way and my intention of injecting bits of melodic qualities to the night actually came to fruition. This fifth piece definitely made me happy to have played. Maybe next time I will be able to finally add an organ and also set up recording gear to record the event.

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