Saturday, June 27, 2009

Extraordinarily Rare Logical Reasoning

This is now the name of the concept formerly known as "Common Sense" because it just is not common; in fact, it is all too rare. We are all culpable of making brash or illogical decisions without thinking of the consequences down the line, and while some people call this "Going with their gut feeling", it more than likely will end poorly for people that make decisions in this manner.

So I have changed the name of the concept formerly known as "Common Sense" to "Extraordinarily Rare Logical Reasoning".

Tuesday marks the beginning of another graduate class for me (leaving me with just one more class to go once this is completed), and I am doing my best to psyche myself up for the intense workload that this will bring on me for the next several weeks. I have never done 3 in a year so this is a new experience, and with the fourth following sometime later in the year, I am sure that it will turn out to be exhausting. I have to admit that my major has little to do with my actual academic interests and often complain and argue that the major is academically inferior to other majors, but this major is simply a business and career move. Call it a decision based on "Extraordinarily Rare Logical Reasoning".

So here it goes...

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