Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Changes? not so fast

A little over a week ago, I posted how Luna came to live with us. For the past week plus, the house has been in uproar. Many good times have been had, because Luna is a great dog. However, our three cats do not agree. Being the curious cats that they are, they have indeed upset Luna several times and provoked a response which is definitely not a good thing. Chasing a dog while screaming as she chases your cats is not cool and has happened several times with increasing frequency. 

Unfortunately, another instance occurred tonight. We care about Luna a great deal, but we also love Mr. Ex, Alia, and Jag just as much. The wife and I decided that it would be unfair to both the cats and the dog to continue having her live with us. So, we must end our foster care of her.

On the plus side, Luna is a great dog (very sweet, very loving, listens well, learns quickly). A house with no other pets or small children would be an ideal home for such a loving dog. I hope she finds a good home because she deserves it.

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