Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Death Cinematic Keeps Up The Hectic Pace

The New World - A Death Cinematic Trailer from Ursine Vulpine//Frederick Lloyd on Vimeo.

Here from Simple Box Construction:

this is the official pre order of the new a death cinematic release, PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD small format hand bound book and THE NEW WORLD full length cd. the images below are of an almost completed album and book cover. some printing and hand stamping still needs to be done. this is a limited edition hand made and hand bound release of 150 copies. the cd and book come in a small hand made and printed wooden box bound in intaglio printing paper and western red cedar veneer. each printed high quality cdr is housed in a hand printed brown paper envelope. to view more detail and production photos for this release please go here. the pre orders should start to ship within the next several weeks.

Order here

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  1. as always, thank you for spreading the news. i appreciate it, truly. thanks.