Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Music Ruins Lives Continues Its Assault

Two more releases just went up for pre-order from the fine folks at Music Ruins Lives.

First up, the Sequences and Isolated Existence Split CD, Graminaea/Poaceae. This release was previously a cassette release and is now getting the CD treatment with a bonus track that is a collaborative work between both artists. Check out the Sequences track here.

Next up is the equally excellent Life In The Dark release. This 2xCD compiles the awesome The Sunya Is Rising EP (streamable here) with bonus remixes from Planning For Burial, Greys, Sequences, and Njiijn as well as the extremely limited (13 copies) Limbs In Gloom EP.

Order both releases here (and while you are at it, grab the Bad Braids cassette and the Tom Vourtsis CD... you won't be sorry).

The Sequences / Isolated Existence is limited to 100 copies.

The Life In The Dark to just 50 copies and is going extremely fast... so do not sleep on it or miss out completely on what may be one of the best releases this year.

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