Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mare Descendrii Vinyl Pre-Orders

Mamiffer's amazing Mare Descendrii on 2xLP is up for pre-order via Blue Collar Distro. Order here now because it is going extremely quick (the clear copies are already spoken for at this point).

For those that want color vinyl and missed out on this offering, Conspiracy Records is actually pressing the vinyl, and it will go on sale April 2nd here.

400 on Black vinyl

100 on Clear vinyl

Here is more if you do not believe my incessant rambling:

The compositions are malleable and organic, taking on a multiple forms. A song takes a fixed and permanent shape on record, and assumes a completely different incarnation in the live setting.
Over the course of Mare Dencendrii’s five songs, Mamiffer travels between moments of minimalist tone worship, choral meditations, syncopated funeral marches, elaborate odd-time classical passages, and deconstructed doom metal.
At its core, it’s a melancholic and occasionally vengeful exploration of texture and melody. It’s a sonic journey, a dynamic, living, breathing experience, a labor of love, and a bold new language.

Track Listing:

1. As Freedom Rings
2. We Speak in the Dark
3. Blanket of Ash
4. Eating Our Bodies
5. Iron Water

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