Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Pale Sketcher EP Up for Preorder

So Pale Sketcher (one of a slew of Justin Broadrick projects that includes a reunited GODFLESH, jesu, GREYMACHINE, and who knows what else besides remixing just about everyone) is releasing Seventh Heaven (pictured above), an EP, that pushes the Pale Sketcher sound into new territory. The EP is supposed to be more rhythmic and less drone-y than the debut LP, Pale Sketches Demixed (pictured below and sold out through the label, Ghostly International).

The Vinyl version of Seventh Heaven is available now for order here.

It is on Grey Swirl vinyl and is limited to just 500 copies... a drop in the bucket in Broadrick land, so do not sleep on this if it appeals to you inn any way.

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