Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mamiffer, House Of Low Culture , and Merzbow...

...Together on one release... amazing. Sige Records will be releasing a 2xLP version of this in April or so, while Daymare will be releasing the CD / DVD version of this around the same time. The artwork above and below is for the Daymare release.

This is from Aaron Turner's blog:

This music on this album is a live recording from Tokyo in March of 2010. The players on the recording are: Faith Coloccia, Aaron Turner, Masami Akita and Atsuo. Included are tracks by the individual acts as well as full collaborative pieces including all four musicians

Should be a nice release as Sige really has been releasing some nice releases so far.

Speaking of Mamiffer and Sige, if you follow the link, you can hear a snippet of music from their upcoming album, Mare Descendrii.

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