Friday, June 18, 2010

My Final Isis Show

So last night was more than likely the last time that I will ever see Isis play, and I certainly have mixed emotions about it. I certainly respect their artistic vision and reasoning behind putting their collective to rest; it just is odd and sad all the same.

I'll never forget the first time that I saw the band at Paper Weight Fest in I think spring 98 at this time the lineup was much different than what it was last night. Aaron Turner, Aaron Harris, and Jeff Caxide were there, but Randy from Cable was on guitar and Craig Mereschuk (sic?) was playing auxiliary drums. It was an experience for certain, and even though everyone that I was with thought I was nuts, I bought their demo and proceeded on my journey for the next decade plus.

Through Isis and their myriad of side projects, I was exposed to tons of great music that I would never have found otherwise; and even though I will not be seeing Isis again...the people in the band will continue to make music, and I will continue to listen.

The set was great last night, and even the sound was pretty annoying, it was enjoyable.

Thanks Isis for everything...

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