Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recording Day 6

Yes, it has been quite a long gap in between recording sessions (daily life and grad school certainly can make such things difficult). Considering that this is my last weekend of Grad School, I am surprised that I was able to make this recording date.

In any case, today's agenda was vocals and possibly some acoustic guitar work for my ambient pieces on the album.

I tried to start vocals on "From Millions Of Miles Away", but my voice was not warmed up enough to attempt and the vocals just sounded so sour. So, I moved to "9000 Reasons", which is one of more straight forward songs. I was happy with my takes on this song and even recorded all of the background vocals as well.

From there, we moved back to "From Millions Of Miles Away". Recording this song was a surprising struggle because it is one of my favorite songs to play live, but we did get the main vocal tracking done for this. I will have to go back and fix a few things and add the background vocals later.

Lastly, I recorded roughly 10 minutes or so of acoustic guitar that I intend to incorporate into the ambient pieces that I have written for the record. I am definitely excited to work on those.

All in all this was a productive recording session.

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