Friday, February 26, 2010

Detroit Day 2

Ah, the first day of the actual convention is here. It is still strange to go to these with my wife...a trip really seeing in the same company of tattoo artists that I have seen in magazines only. I bet it is a big thrill for her because it certainly would be a mind bender for me if I was in her situation.

She did get to do one tattoo today, which was great. If she can consistently get work here, it will be an accomplishment for a new artist (she only recently completed her apprenticeship (a belated congratulations by the way as far as this blog goes).

On my part, I ran errands for the wife and Craig, the only two artists from her shop participating at the convention. I also played some video games on my laptop and was knocked out for several hours due to a migraine (stupid genetics...thanks dad haha).

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