Monday, December 22, 2008

Confessions of a Music Fetishist Vol. 1

"Records are not unlike fetish properties…"

Although a fictional character, John Cusack's portrayal of Rob Gordon in High Fidelity speaks volumes of what I feel in regards to music; although, I might go so far to say that music is my heroin, and boy does it hurt/ feel good to jot that down, but a fetish property not at all. I really enjoy listening to music for sure, tons and tons. It feels weird when I only have one or two new records a week to check out, and right now things are really really slow on that front. 

But in light of that, it makes perfect logical sense that I write reviews for an online publication, (, which gives me the perfect excuse to listen to tons of music while at the same time espousing my misguided opinions on said records. My goal this year was to write 100 reviews, and my thinking is that I will fall just short of that total this year. It has been a strange year in music as some of my favorite bands broke up (see Cursed) and others that I like (Playing Enemy) while new ones have sprung up to take their place like Have A Nice Life, Helms Alee, True Widow, Gods and Queens, and the Night Marchers. My top 25 records of this year will be posted at Scene Point Blank as well as a ton of top 5 type things so check that stuff out, but here will contain some unabridged versions a la listing records top records 50- 26 and other such things as that.

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