Monday, January 10, 2011

Gholas News

So, Gholas is about to take a hiatus following our thing on January 24th, so come out if you want to see us one last time before we go quiet live for a bit. We just played Atlantic City the other night and it went well, though it was poorly attended due to a decent snow storm.

During our hiatus a few things will be going on in the Gholas camp (at least on my end of the deal).

1. Writing for our next record

2. Prepping the possible release of a live set (recorded on the 24th, so come out if you want to be immortalized on tape).

3. Well not during the hiatus as we should have them by the 24th, but anyway, we will have our first tape release Poisoning The Airwaves available. Pre-orders coming shortly, we are just waiting on covers to be finished.

So, stay tuned... and maybe come out on the 24th. Look up our wordpress or facebook for more info.

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