Sunday, November 14, 2010

On Gholas, Planning For Burial, and the Whole Weekend

The weekend was a blast, a blast. The Friday Gholas show with Dangerbird and pals went extremely well (screaming "500 Ft. High!" during the Dangerbird set is always fun). A good turnout and smiles all around after the initial hiccups were gotten over by peoples. Seeing friends and former bandmates is always fun (Creation Is Crucifixion still rules Larry, "The Data Body" and "We Live and Die By The Code!")

Saturday was fun as hell at the Planning For Burial / Lonesummer split record release. In a low key affair, Giles Corey, Planning For Burial, and Lonesummer gave everyone there a great earful. It was excellent to see such a great group of people enjoying themselves. Pick up the Planning For Burial / Lonesummer split while you are at it... here.

The Saturday evening Gholas show with Rosetta, Restorations, and Bats & Mice was awesome as well (we all felt real good after playing). A bunch of people seemed to have a great time.

Thanks to anyone that came out. We all appreciate it.

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