Monday, May 10, 2010

Kom Berry White Pre-Order

This release is sure to put vinyl addicts in somewhat of a quandry (just as it did me). Berry White is an impressive example of what an artistic minded label/artist release can be. Seriously, this new release from Kom and their label Denovali is so clean and sharp looking that it made me double take; it looks that good.

If you want to hear what the band sounds like, head over to Denovali and listen to the three songs from Berry White as well as check out the songs from the band's previous release Ink (which you can download from the label for free from here).

The release information for Berry White is as follows:

The extremely limited Book LP version limited to 100 on 180 Gram Clear Vinyl (order here).

The equally Limited Gatefold LP Version limited to 100 copies on 180 Gram Ice Blue Vinyl (order here).

The less limited Gatefold LP version limited to 300 copies on 180 Gram Clear Vinyl (order here).

Like I said, this is a real sharp looking release that compliments the music perfectly...

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