Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vacation: Kayaking Adventures

OK, so the wife and I decided to go kayaking for our first full day.

We put in to the Indian River off of Hutchison's Island in Florida just South of the power plant. Two quick things: I am afraid of sharks (full on phobia) so that makes me afraid of the water, particularly when I cannot see the bottom of the body of water that I am invading.

So, we decide to head north and with relative ease travel well past the power plant. The wife got some neat pictures of a pelican that was floating not 25 feet from us (really cool experience). The other experience on the first leg of the trip was scary to me. While rowing, a single dorsal fin broke the water, scaring me incredibly while my wife laughed at me; it turned out to be a dolphin (something I had never seen before and was not expecting in the river and by itself). Yes, I can laugh now, but I certainly was not then.

Now the trip back was an ordeal, not only were we kayaking into the wind, but the tide was going against us; when both of us were not paddling, the current reversed the kayak and pushed us backward while it took one of us paddling just to stay in place. Sometime during our trip back, I had scare #2; this time the water cavitated, rocked the boat, and scared the hell out of me; this time, the creature responsible was a manatee (another creature that I had never seen before).

Eventually, we made it back tired, sore, and sunburned in weird places; but still, an excellent adventure for the first day.

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