Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recording Day 4

Recording for me is a process for which I have a bunch of mixed emotions. On one hand, it is a great feeling hearing the music that you wrote playing through speakers for the first time; on the other hand is an excruciatingly detailed process that is a mind numbing and soul sucking experience.

Tracking was really strange for this album. I do love the sounds that Joe captured, and I definitely enjoyed the playing some of the tracks. I am happy with most of what I recorded, save for a couple of bits; but bands are indeed all about compromising with the other members that do round out the collective group, which can be exhausting in a completely democratic situation (there can never be 100% consensus 100% of the time).

Some of my personal recording highlights of this day include recording "My God", "9000 Reasons", and finally hearing "...(the Emissary)" after almost 7 years of it kicking around in the ether.

I was exhausted after this took me around 12 hours to do all of my tracks and spent way too much time on some extraneous bits that I thought were huge pains to get stuck on considering how small they were.

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