Monday, May 18, 2009

More Burning Fight "fallout"

So Disembodied just played a couple of reunion shows, including Burning Fight in Chicago. I wish I could have seen them again. Then again, rumor has it that besides the upcoming rarities collection that is coming out for them, Disembodied may be entering into the studio and recording a new album. Apparently prepping for these reunion gigs has given the band the bug again, which is awesome. They have already released some of the most vicious music to begin with...check "Anvil Chandelier" and "Forget Me" off of Diablerie, "7 Stitches" and "Amaranth" and "Nemesis" and "Barbituate" and "One for the Wicked" off of Heretic, as well as "Heroin Fingers" and "Bloodshed Rain" off of If God Only Knew The Rest Were Dead... 

Disembodied were one of the heaviest hardcore bands of the 90's. It would be nice if they reclaimed that crown.

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