Tuesday, February 17, 2009

108 new album???

Here is some neat news:

108 is currently in the studio recording a new album titled "Forever Is Destroyed." The band spent this past weekend tracking the effort with engineer Alex Garcia-Rivera (ex-Give Up The Ghost), and according to label Deathwish Inc., "the album is extremely raw and intense, ala 108's Threefold Misery album." Notably, the album will feature Mike
Justian (Trap Them, Unearth) on drums.

Now, 108 has always been a band which I took a keen liking too. Three Fold Misery is a favorite of mine, and their first post reunion album A New Beat From A Dead Heart (Check out my review at Scene Point Blank) was pretty excellent. This makes just one more release for which I am excited about this year.

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